A communication game ”100 QUESTIONS NEEDING ANSWERS”




Inese Prisjolkova
100 questions needing answers…
A communication game for family and friends

In our daily lives, we often miss conversations from the heart with family and friends. This communication game is an excellent way to:

  • Start a conversation,
  • Understand yourself better,
  • Get to know others better,
  • Have fun during get togethers,
  • Practice the art of communication,
  • Discover what our subconscious mind and the Universe want to tell us.

The right card – chosen with a smile – could change your life!

There are no strict rules about how to play this game. Whether you’re a couple enjoying a night in, or a group of friends – just pick a card and answer the question!

Even when you’re alone, you can pick a card and wonder – why did I get this question? What is it trying to tell me? Sometimes a randomly picked card can lead you to the right answer to an issue you’ve been dealing with for what feels like forever.

The questions are simple yet deep. During the game, each player can take a braver look at themselves and be more attentive to others – something we don’t always manage in our busy lives… Chatting about life is a wonderful way of getting closer to others!

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